Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No AC: The Miraculous Multiplication

Medieval theologians used to speak of a "miraculous multiplication". I experienced an ongoing one tonight on the Franklin #715 train.

Despite the MBCR's claim that only one of their 333 coaches lacked air conditioning, there was a yet another hot car on the Franklin line tonight. Last week coaches 641 and 629 had no AC (on the same train, which is pretty miraculous). Tonight the 604 was hot. And I mean hot!

Incidentally, I can't say that there were no hot coaches on the last two days. This was the first night I took the train home, this week.

And yet so far the press seems to have accepted the "one hot coach" story from the MBCR.
It leaves me feeling kind of powerless; doesn't anybody care that the MBCR is using our tax dollars to, well, not fix coaches and then lie about it? Isn't anyone holding them to any sort of accountability?

I guess not.

So, coaches without AC, a running tally:

If you should see any coach without AC, or a coach on this list with working AC, please comment about it here.

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