Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot Car List

I saw a new coach without AC today on the Franklin #715; it was coach 221. So that's seven numbered coaches since the BostonNOW! article published the MBCR's claim that there was only one without AC.

Here's the list. I'll add to it in the comments on this post, rather than keep creating new ones. If you've seen a hot car, or if you see that one of the coaches below now has working AC, please join in!
  • 220
  • 221
  • 501
  • 604
  • 629
  • 641
  • 644


Anonymous said...

I don't know what car number it was, but the front car of the #746 train (Readville to S Station) was sans AC this morning.

Anonymous said...

since i'm new to the commuter rail, how do you know by just looking at the car that there is no AC? This way i can logically choose the better car to get in...

Quasit said...

There's no obvious way that I know of to tell if a car lacks AC. However, there are two clues that are usually pretty strong indicators:

1. If other cars are packed full of people, any cars that are much less crowded are almost certainly hot.

2. On hot days, cars with AC usually have the doors closed as often as possible. Hot cars keep the doors open all the time.

Sorry if these sound obvious, but they're the only indicators I know of.