Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bird Crap Story

The bird crap was still piling high on the evening of Tuesday, February 6th. The next evening I noticed that it had finally been cleaned.

I first posted about the guano-covered escalator on January 3rd, and of course the problem had been building up long before that. It took the T 35 days (or more) to get the escalator cleaned.

It took the birds far less time to cover it with crap again.

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Dan said...

You had mentioned something about a conductor slowdown -- I wholeheartedly concur. The problem of course is that the commuters are the ones stuck in the middle. I know 2 people who have had to start driving in again.

What's the solution? You know that money we're supposed to be getting back when a train is over X minutes late? We need class action suits for these. The only way to make MBCR respond is to hit them in the pocket book.