Thursday, January 31, 2008

More of the same...

The escalator at Ruggles remains uncleaned. Bird crap is piling higher, and has been smeared all over the left inner side by unaware passengers. Yuck.

On the morning of Friday the 25th two Franklin trains were cancelled: #706 (6:35AM) and #708 (7:00AM). The next train was obscenely overcrowded, of course, and got into Ruggles 36 minutes late.

Fares are not being collected more than half of the time. The MBTA blew $55 million dollars trying to trade debts, according to the newspapers. They've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars - if not more - providing wifi access to certain coaches, but there still aren't enough seats. It's nice to see that they have their priorities in order!

Seriously, what will it take to get the system fixed? How much more will people take? Why isn't any public figure doing something about this?

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