Thursday, October 23, 2008

Changes in Franklin schedule with very little warning

I'm on the MBCR "RailMail" mailing list for Franklin commuters. I think they add everyone to that list who has given them an email address when filing a claim for the on-time guarantee.

Yesterday afternoon I received an interesting announcement: the schedule for the Franklin line is undergoing some fairly big changes. And those changes are taking place this Monday, October 27th!

Here are the changes:

Monday through Friday - INBOUND
Train 790, the 5:08am train from Franklin/Forge Park to South Station has had three minutes added to its trip time and will now depart Franklin/Forge Park at 5:05am (see attached schedule).

Monday through Friday – OUTBOUND

Train 795, the 7:40am train from South Station will depart 5 minutes earlier at 7:35am.

Train 715, the 4:10pm train from South Station will depart 15 minutes earlier at 3:55pm.

Train 799, will depart South Station at the current scheduled time of 4:30pm but will only go to Readville where it will terminate.

“New Train” 717 will depart South Station at 4:20pm and will make the following stations stops: Back Bay, Ruggles, Hyde Park, Readville, Dedham Corp, Norwood Depot, Norwood Central, Windsor Gardens, Walpole, Norfolk, Franklin/Dean College, and Forge Park/495.

Here's a link to the new 10/27/08 schedule. In order to be "green", they won't be printing many of these, they say, so they're recommending that passengers print out copies. I have to wonder if printing the schedules from our computers is really friendlier to the environment than having the MBTA print them in bulk. Or perhaps the "green" they're thinking of is their money.

New Franklin Schedule, 10/27/2008

For those (like me) who take the afternoon 715 train, you'll either have to take it 15 minutes earlier than before, or wait 10 minutes later for the 717. At this point there's no knowing what the new train "consists" will be - how many coaches they'll have, and whether they'll be flats or doubles. I suspect that both trains will be smaller than the current 715, which is normally two flats and five doubles (and is still sometimes crowded).

One day earlier this week the 715 was five or six flats and one double, instead. People were literally jammed into the vestibules. I've seen bad crowding on the morning #708 train lately, too.

I'm surprised that the MBCR/MBTA gave us so little warning. For those who have to deal with changes to their work schedules, or day care, or change their commuting arrangements in other ways...think fast!

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Commute-a-holic said...

At least you've received your emails (as have the Plymouth line riders). Worcester-Framingham riders have yet to receive the email announcement.

They announced earlier that our schedules would change too - that they were adding more trains. They did add more trains, but the schedules were reshuffled so the new trains actually aren't that great and we now have fewer options.

This is total BS.