Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More fun on the Franklin line

The T is really on a roll lately, and I don't mean that in a good way.

I thought that I'd seen the maximum crowding on the 4:10 PM #715 Franklin train last night - at least 170 people packed into a single coach. But tonight, Halloween night, it had to be a lot closer to 180 - and this time, the "no passengers" vestibules between the coaches were packed solid as well.

How do I know? Because I was one of the 16 people packed into one of the vestibules.

I was jammed up against the door, and for the first half of the ride I was the de-facto conductor. When people wanted to get off, I opened the door, pulled up the platform to expose the stairs down, got off to let people off (a lot of them thanked me and joked about the crowding - some said I should be getting paid by the T), and then came back on, only to start the whole thing over at the next stop.

I got off at Franklin Dean - one stop short of the end of the line. And for the entire trip I didn't see one single conductor until I actually made it off the train at Franklin.

This overcrowding is getting absolutely insane. I'll make a prediction right now: if the #715 Franklin train has an accident people are going to die (or at least be seriously injured) unnecessarily. Because the Franklin #715 is regularly crowded beyond all reasonable safety standards.

I wrote to Governor Patrick's office; they passed the buck to the T. And I notified the T management more than once. They just won't DO anything about it.

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